SALTO will develop an innovative reconfigurable robotic manufacturing system using laser technology for textile cutting – IN852A 2016/29

Posted on October 18, 2022

SALTO will develop an innovative reconfigurable robotic manufacturing system using laser technology for textile cutting – IN852A 2016/29

• This laser cutting system will allow the automation of highly deformable decorated fabric cutting
for short production runs.
• Framed in the ConectaPEME 2016 Program, the project consortium is led by SELMARK and
complete the companies SYSPRO, UNIMATE and ENXENIA. AIMEN participates as a collaborating entity.
• This new solution will reduce the cycle time of the cutting process by half and improve up to one
300% failure rate.

The SALTO project proposes the development of a flexible and adaptive laser cutting system for the textile sector
under a new concept of reconfigurable robotic manufacturing. Specifically, it is proposed to develop a
innovative integral manufacturing system that allows the automation of highly decorated fabric cutting
deformable for short production series and with a large number of references, designs and models of

In this way, it is intended to make a qualitative and quantitative leap in the productive capacities to
textile cutting operations. The technologies developed will have a positive impact on the efficiency in
manufacturing and lead-time, as well as in the capacity to manufacture increasingly individualized products and in
improving the working conditions of the operators.

This new solution will make it possible to halve the cycle time of the cutting process and the
manufacture of a new product will go from the three days currently used, to an estimate of
midday. Likewise, SALTO will allow a 10% saving in fabric and a 300% improvement in the failure rate or
rejects that can be detected during the quality control process.

With this new solution, an innovative manufacturing system is presented that involves the modernization
Industrial of special interest for fabric cutting processes in textile manufacturing companies.

Main Milestones Achieved

In 2017 the following project activities have been completed: design and development of the table
automated laying machine that is embedded in the industrial robot of the manufacturing cell, as well as the software
offline programming that allows the generation of manufacturing routines from design files
of piece. In this annuity, progress has also been made in the development of the main vision algorithms and
recognition of patterns that will allow programming the robot for the different types of doilies
and fabrics. These algorithms are integrated into the robot’s online programming software for adaptability to the
product, in software development phase.

In order to achieve said technical progress, throughout 2017, the integration of
subsystems in two robotic cells with analogous configuration, located in AIMEN and Selmark, and that allows
the validation of said developments and those that will be completed in 2018.

Intersectoral collaboration

The SALTO project, with a budget of 357,435 euros and a total duration of 34 months, is part of
of the ConectaPEME 2016 Program.

For the development of this project, a multidisciplinary consortium led by SELMARK (design
and manufacture of lingerie garments) and completed by the SYSPRO companies (services oriented to the
integration of technologies in the field of automation, industrial software, robotics and artificial vision),
UNIMATE (engineering specialized in the automation of processes with industrial robots) and ENXENIA
(engineering and R&D specializing in mechanical design and assistance in the production process for companies in the
manufacture and transformation of products).

This group of companies has the collaboration of AIMEN Technological Center.

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