• This cyber-physical system will allow the measurement of position dispersion in the x, y, z axes of bodies,
ensuring the reliability of the positioning as it passes from station to station on the production line.
• This system will reduce operating costs by 20% and improve productivity thanks to the
optimization in design and operation as well as guaranteeing 100% quality control
• Maintenance costs will be reduced by 25% thanks to the selection of materials and technical design
of the same.
• This new solution will reduce labor costs associated with production stations by
45% thanks to the automation of the system, as well as reducing unplanned downtime to 40% of the
current times due to quality failures.

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• This laser cutting system will allow the automation of highly deformable decorated fabric cutting
for short production runs.
• Framed in the ConectaPEME 2016 Program, the project consortium is led by SELMARK and
complete the companies SYSPRO, UNIMATE and ENXENIA. AIMEN participates as a collaborating entity.
• This new solution will reduce the cycle time of the cutting process by half and improve up to one
300% failure rate.
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This project is the development of an automated and intelligent quality inspection system for the detection of surface quality imperfections in vehicle bodies in OEM assembly lines, based on artificial vision technologies and neural networks with which it has been sought to minimize vehicle inspection costs, reduce non-conformities, improve the productivity of assembly plants in a simple and automated way through the development of new automatic inspection technology based on neural networks and intelligent software.

For Enxenia it has meant a qualitative leap in the development of autonomous inspection systems, to fight to position itself as technological leaders in the national and international market with alliances with leading manufacturers such as PSA or RENAULT, of which the company is TIER 1.

This project has been carried out thanks to the financial support of Igape and the Xunta de Galicia and the Galician tourist brand.



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